The French Marines
Companie Franche de la Marine du Jersey

Encamped at Space Farms
Preparations for a raid on the English.
circa 1756


Bruce Kristiansen
(973) 875-1551

Capt. Dick Webber

Sgt. Henry DeJulio

Sgt. DeJulio things the British have "no clue" how to be a friend to the Indians. A raid on a nearby fort in New Jersey has netted these 'commandos' a small prisoner.

Standby to fire!

Learn ;more about the French and Indian War from the book, "Crucible of War" by Fred Anderson. Contact "Companie Franche de la Marine du Sussex" for an educational presentation. Learn about their nemesis the English, at the site for the New Jersey Frontier Guard. about the educational video "Contemporary News" of 1750-1790" by the Fifth grade students at Mohawk Avenue School in Sparta, NJ.

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